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My interest in family history began when I listened to the stories of my two grandmothers, but it has taken off since I retired, and since so much became available online. I have even done some formal study — I have almost completed a Diploma of Family History from the University of Tasmania, which I am enjoying very much.

My main family tree is at anthea.tribalpages.com. On this site, I focus on bite sized stories, some of which have been published. I hope that this is more readable than a family tree, but the family tree is where you find the documentation.

There are several ways to navigate the material. The drop down menu on this page is for thematic analysis that covers more than one family line.

I also write fiction, and I have almost completed a novel based on my male line ancestry going back to Hugh Devine (Snr) and my female line ancestry going back to Hannah Pollock. In the near future, these pages may help someone who reads the novel and wants to know what’s true and what is invented.

I was born and brought up in Middlesbrough, in north-east England and lived in Newcastle upon Tyne, York, Singapore, and Leeds before retiring to Wollongong, NSW. My ancestors are all from the British Isles, but I also work on the ancestors of my grandchildren.

Transporter Bridge across the Tees at Middlesbrough, at sunset
The Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough