The other grandparents of Anthea’s grandchildren were Robert William Cameron and Beverley June Cottrell. Summaries of both sides follow.

Fan shaped family tree of Robert William Cameron. 5 generations. Surnames in the most distant generation are Cameron, Proudfoot, McNamara, Christian, McDonald, Macquarie, Byrne, Nolan, Gaffney, Brown.
Family tree of Anthea’s co-grandparent, Robert William Cameron

On his father’s side, Robert’s ancestry was entirely Scottish and on his mother’s it was a mixture of Irish and Scottish. His ancestors were free settlers to either Victoria or New South Wales, though on his mother’s side he had some relatives who were transported as Irish rebels. The Cameron ancestors were crofters or farm managers in the Western Isles of Scotland, mainly Kerrera, Gometra and Ulva. The redoubtable Catherine Macquarie, who migrated as a widow with her 10 children was related to Lachlan Macquarie and the other landholding families of Ulva and Staffa, though her husband had become impoverished. The Byrnes were a woodworking family in Wicklow, and also brought skills and literacy with them. Hugh Stephenson Campbell established a property at Glenmore, Morongla. Robert Campbell Cameron and Sarah Macnamara later established their own property, Clyde, there and in 1915 were one of the main funders of a Presbyterian church there. Their son, Neil Robert, converted to Catholicism when he married Mona Byrne.

The Byrnes were a woodworking family in Wicklow, and also brought skills and literacy with them. They held land in Morongla too.

Fan shaped family tree of Beverley June Cottrell. 5 generations. Most distant surnames are Cottrell, Robinson, Matthews, Grimshaw, Lee, Sunderland, Saville, McMahon, Fay.
Family tree of the other grandmother of Anthea’s grandchildren

Beverley’s father’s ancestors were all free settlers in Victoria. I have as yet made little headway with the Irish ancestors of her mother.

John Cottrell was a Cheshire farm boy who came to Victoria and had a career working as a groom for Cobb & Co. He first lived with, and then married, a woman from a much intermarried Cornish family who were mining gold. When the train came to Warrnambool in 1890 coaching was no longer needed there, and John and Alice tried running a lodgings house, which failed, leading to his depression and death at his own hand.

Beverley’s mother’s Grimshaw ancestors were from a distinguished Yorkshire Quaker family. Aaron Grimshaw’s ancestors had founded and been trustees of the Quaker Meeting house in Rawdon, which is still in use. We can go much further back in this interesting family, which also gave birth the the artist, John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Aaron and Rebecca came to Victoria and farmed in Greensborough, giving their surname to one of Greensborough’s main streets. They were founders of the Greensborough Wesleyan Church. When they moved to Hazel Glen (Doreen), they were among the founders and trustees of Yan Yean Wesleyan Chapel and its successor, which is now Hazelglen Uniting Church.

Thomas Squire Sunderland started life in the inn kept by his parents in Barnsley, Yorkshire, and did very well in Australia, One of his grandchildren, John Tripovich, became MLC (for the electorate of Doutta Galla) 1960-1976.