Fraser & Bowyer

Fan shaped family tree of five generations. Surnames are Freaser, Powell, Downing, Clubley, Coates. Hesslewood, Frankish, Bowyer, King, Elsden, Davies, Round, Dryden, Pollock.
Family Tree of Anthea’s mother, Joyce Fraser

Joyce Fraser was born and raised in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, as were both her parents and her maternal grandmother. Her Fraser great-grandfather is a bit of a mystery. She had two groups of well-document peasant ancestors: the Clubleys from the East Riding of Yorkshire and the Bowyers from Suffolk. Those ancestors migrated directly from their ancestral rural homes to North Ormesby. Her great-grandparents, William Powell and Susannah Downing left Hadleigh, Suffolk, for the navvy communities that built the massive infrastructure of Victorian England, where William dug and Susannah ran lodgings. Their daughter, Sarah Ann, spent her whole short life in navvy camps, as James Fraser was also a navvy. Thomas Davies came from the Black Country, moving from childhood work in the mines there to work in iron. He met Hannah Napier (then called Hannah Dryden) when he arrived in the Middlesbrough area seeking work as a puddler. They were strong Primitive Methodists and their lifestyle created a good life for their descendants. Hannah Napier, however, came from a very unusual background — that has to be a separate story!