Family tree of Avijit Gupta, surnames are Gupta, Ray, Roy
Family tree of Anthea’s husband, Avijit Gupta

This is a very thin tree compared to the trees of those with ancestry in Australia and the British Isles. Avijit does not have a birth certificate, let alone his ancestors, so this is almost entirely based on oral history, with added information relating to the public lives of some of the men. Avijit comes from an interlinked family of members of the Vaidya (or Bairdya) caste from East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Centuries ago they were Ayurvedic physicians and they are now heavily represented in the professions. They are a modernising community, and were among the pioneers of Western education — both Avijit’s parents were graduates and his paternal great-grandfather was one of the first graduates of Presidency College, Kolkata the first of 4 consecutive generations of men to be educated there. His male line ancestry goes back to Tangail, though recent generations settled in Rangpur, often moving between Rangpur and Kolkata for work. Savitri Roy was a daughter of the Rajahs of Teota, who also moved between their palaces in Teota, Kolkata and Banaras. After Partition they all lived in Calcutta.