Shields & White

Fan-shaped family tree of Albert Shields, five generations. Surnames in the most distant generation are Devine, Edwards, Hope, Blewitt, Rogers. Harper, White, Blacklock, Dean, McAllum.
Family Tree of Anthea’s father, Albert Shields

Albert was born in Plumstead, London, because at the time of his birth his father was working at the Royal Arsenal, where he did his war work. But he was raised in Darlington. Both sets of grandparents had settled in Darlington in the mid-1800s, where the men laboured making iron and engines. Albert’s parents were second cousins, grandchildren of two sisters from North Sunderland, in Northumberland.

Three quarters of Albert’s ancestry is from the Scottish borders — miners, keelmen, mariners, Border Tinkers, smiths, glassworkers, even a maltster. I have not traced them back to an agricultural past. At some point they all settled in urban Tyneside before the move to Darlington.

The remaining quarter, the Blewitts, were farmers from the West Midlands, who moved into the industry of the Black Country before the move to Darlington.