The evidence

Previous Identifications of the Blue Mountains Guide

  • J. Elliot, The Colonies Clothed: a survey of consumer interests in New South Wales and Victoria 1787-1887, Doctor of Philosophy Research Thesis, University of Adelaide, 1988., accessed 6 May 2021, p. 129, footnote
    Equates the guide with the sawyer who made purchases at Hassalls. (JB1)
  • G E (Geoff) Ford, ‘Darkiñung Recognition: An Analysis of the Historiography for the Aborigines from the Hawkesbury-Hunter Ranges to the Northwest of Sydney’, MA Research Thesis, University of Sydney, 2010, p. 102, p. 104.
    Equates the guide with JB2.
  • G E Ford, ‘Adjunct to Darkiñung Recognition. The Gundungurra [+ Dharug] Aboriginal People’ (with ‘Addendum: Aboriginal connection to 1813 Crossing of Blue Mountains’), 2016, C:\Users\User\Desktop\2010 Thesis for quick ref\Dharawal Adjunct, draft.wpd.
    Equates the guide with JB2.
  • Joe Fulton, ‘James Byrne 1759-1849’, undated ms, but with 2020 ms footnote, downloaded from Mary Krone, ‘Benefaction’,, accessed 6 May 2021, p. 4.
    Says JB1 has been suggested but expresses doubt, and says there is not enough evidence.
  • Grace Karskens, People of the River: Lost Worlds of Early Australia. Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2020, p. 205, pp. 280f.
    Named but not identified.
  • Jean Little. James Burns (abt. 1763 – 1852). [accessed 24 April 2022].
    Descendant of JB3, family historian. Equates the guide with JB3.
  • Mary McGuinness, ‘Crossing the Blue Mountains – The Starting Point’. History Services Blog, History Services NSW. 7 March 2013,, accessed 13 May 2021.
    Equates the guide as James Byrne from Anne, but does not indicate whether JB1 or JB2.
  • Helen Proudfoot, ‘Opening Towns, Public Virtue and the Interior’, in James Broadbent and Joy Hughes (eds), The Age of Macquarie. Melbourne University Press in Association with Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, Carlton VIC, pp. 60-74, 1992, p. 67.
    Named but not identified.
  • Rudé, George, ‘Early Irish rebels in Australia’, Historical Studies, vol. 16, no. 62, 1974, pp. 17-35.
    JB1 is one of Rudé’s case studies. I have not verified some of the facts supplied relating to JB1 in Ireland. The name of the guide was not known in 1974 so there is no mention of it.